Preston Castle Photo Session

Some say it’s haunted!

I was excited to finally have some time to finish this production.  Pictures taken from an all day photo shoot in Ione, CA on November 15th 2008.

Preston Castle

Preston Castle


3 thoughts on “Preston Castle Photo Session

  1. Hello,

    This has been happening to a number of people lately, not just with my/this show. Attempting to access at less busy times might help. If your connection is slow, that may be problematic too. For the larger size shows, it may help to have a faster connection. Other than that, I’m not sure what else to suggest. So sorry you had to watch in the lesser quality version. Thanks for taking the time to watch.

  2. Looks like it was quite the place in its prime. It is a shame it is such a mess now.

    Unfortunately, YouTube HD films do not work well for me, even if I stop them and allow them to buffer right to the end and then start them. I had to watch the regular version. Know any tricks around this problem? I have a 2.6 GHz Celeron with 1.5 GB ram and a fair bit of empty hard disk.

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