Adorable Gerty – available for adoption!

This is Gerty.  She needs a home.  Take a look and see, I think you’ll agree that she’s quite adorable!  She’s fixed and ready to come live at your home any time you are!


3 thoughts on “Adorable Gerty – available for adoption!

  1. Wow, I just got teary eyed. Those shots are awesome. Love the slideshow. If I wasn’t deathly allergic I would take that beautiful cat for sure.
    So great of you to do this for these cats.

  2. Fortunately I live in Italy, because I already have to cats and cannot afford a third one, but, if I were living closer, I wouldn’t resist after watching it.
    I just hope that beautiful sweety will find a new home soon.

  3. If that does not get this little gal a home, I don’t know what will. Oxford was sitting next to me watching and gave it two paws up.

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