Welcome to my blog!

I am a photographer and multi-media slide show designer located in Northern California. My photography is all about capturing the story of an event or day or person, family get-together, whatever, through images and words and re-telling it through multi-media presentations.

I’ve loved the creative process all my life!

You can view slide shows by clicking on the “links” tab on top of the header image and then click on “View My Slide Shows”.  Some shows will be embedded in the blog for viewing as well.

Please stay tuned for updates. Thanks for visiting!

14 thoughts on “About

  1. I think I’d better start paying you some commission, Debbie!

    Ah, just realised: I need to do something first to generate the income to yield the commission.

    Even so, a debt is owed for all your help: am off to the forum now to follow up your suggestion and read up on old PSG tutorials.

    Many, many thanks again & all best to you and yours (and the cats: thank Heavens you’re not over here in the UK or we might become adoptive parents!)

  2. Ducksfeet,

    Hubby is more into cats than I am since I’m allergic. I would say I’m more of a dog person. But we run an alley-cat rescue of sorts, trap feral cats, get them fixed, then release them. Sometimes we’re able to find homes for the kittens of the mother cats we couldn’t get fixed in time. I believe we adopted out 68 cats in 2008. We’re still working on finding homes for some of the others that would make a good pet for someone.

    Many thanks for taking a look at my blog and shows and glad you enjoyed them. I used Gold for a year before jumping into Producer. I still enjoy many of my Gold shows, though some of my first ones were filled with over zooming and panning like most newbies. and hopefully I don’t think I have those posted! I’ve since redone those first few and given copies to family again so they don’t go bonkers trying to follow all that movement.

    Welcome to the forum. It’s a wealth of information. There is a “Forum Book” under member created files Barbara compiled based on the versions previous to 4.0. It has some very practical information though and worth taking a look. I’m sorry but most of my tutorials are now geared toward Producer so may not be much help. If you go through the older posts in the Gold section of the forum from the back to the front, that may help learn about some of the features. If you’re like any of us, you’ll be addicted to making shows and may want to get Producer eventually after sufficient time getting your duckfeet wet! LOL


  3. Many thanks, Debbie, for the PSG advice on the forum and the link to here: what a delightful “blog”!

    Rather than plunge in on PSG today I decided instead to view some of your own productions — and yes, they are inspiring.

    There are a lot to go through over the course of this winter (here in the UK) so there’s obviously much to enjoy.

    Just wanted to say that your work is gorgeous because it chimes with my belief (so how’s that for objectivity?) about complexity in the service of simplicity, rather than t’other way around: I’ve seen too many offerings from well-meaning friends which are ruined because they’ve realised that effects and dissolves are within simple grasp and can be simply applied, so they slam ’em all in to make everything that much more complex.

    Why? Microsoft’s PhotoStory was such an apt title: it’s a story. Told in images. And it’s the images that should speak, not the software behind them.


    Thanks again for the help and inspiration: I’ve just watched the Wright’s Lake pan in the PSG Autumn in California production and that’s exactly the kind of tracking shot I use in PhotoStory and wish to be able to replicate, now, using PSG.

    Beautiful, and further proof that the still image can trump that from a camcorder (I’ve used both, but have quit video and gone back to my camera.)

    All best to you & yours —


    * PS: of course I could be slightly biased towards your work anyway: our family is as batty about cats as you lot appear to be!

  4. Debbie
    I just viewed your Preston Castle Production
    You did Fantastic work, The video production alone is amazing, add in your photos, which are “Holy Freaking Wow” Amazing, and it’s a blockbuster hit !
    I’ve never seen your photography before this, It is amazing and inspiring !
    Best to you in 2009

  5. Debbie fine Hello, my name is Roger and I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil.Your presentation of the show “A day with my family” was great, really impressive, and the music is very bealtiful. I am now starting to learn to work with the producer proshow and their models bring me quite inspired to learn more, your work is really incredible.will be you could tell me the name of the source that was used in the presentation I have mentioned, because I’m not able to find this source.
    my email is:


    already provided to thank ..
    Thank you.

  6. Hi Debbie,

    I got side tracked and started my own blog at WordPress. I just followed the links at the bottom of your page and before I knew it I had set up a blog of my own. There is nothing on it yet except for a few pics of my hair clients. After all of the time I spent getting a blog set up, I never finished redoing my Myrtle Beach video. BTW my blog: chasforhair.wordpress.com.

    You know, I paid money to start a web page with GoDaddy and spent hours trying to get it just right, but never really got it looking the way I wanted it. Within minutes I started my blog and it really isn’t too hard at all.

    Thanks for being my inspiration. Now that I look at my original video, I realize that it did not tell the story I was hoping for. I think I was trying to dazzle the viewer with all of my techniques rather than just show the pictures and tell a story. I will get to work and re-do it soon.


  7. Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for your great advice about my Myrtle Beach video. I was very impressed with all of your thoughtfull advice on improving my video. I will be revising within 24 hours. I look forward to communicating more with you. You are so talented and I love watching your videos and viewing your great photos.

    Thanks again,

  8. Congratulations on your new blog, Debbie! It looks really good and I love the little stories that go with each of the photos. You made a very nice job of it.

    I look forward to seeing your slideshows on it soon.


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