Last Post To This Old Blog – see link to new site

Spring has sprung and I’ve moved to a self-hosted blog-site!  This is the last post to this address. You can find my new blog site by clicking on the link below.

Do you love adorable pet pictures?  Head on over to my new blog to check out my favorite dog and cat images.   If you’re looking to hire a great pet photographer in Northern California to capture the character and essence of your sweet furry family member,  please give me a shout through my Four Feet Fotos website and we’ll talk.

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Ornamental Kale

Ornamental Kale

Silent Movie Effect Tutorial

Bring your popcorn and pull up a seat.  Here’s an effect that’s really neat!

For ProShow Producer users – simple instruction at the very end of this tutorial involves the new modifier feature in V4.

Check it out under the ProShow Producer Tutorial Tab!

“Silent Movie Effect”

Two NEW Tutorials!

You won’t want to miss the two, new Producer tutorials under the “ProShow Producer Tutorials” tab.

“A La Anne Geddes” – A fun little masking effect.

“Frame Alternatives” – Alternatives to the plain black frame.

To find them, click on the “ProShow Producer Tutorials” tab that sits over the blog title above.


Quick Face Lift – Do It All In Producer!

This is a quick demo of two new features in Producer version 4 – the blur and adjustment layer.   Watch fully screen in HD for best viewing enjoyment.  FIRST click on the show to start, then change it to FULL SCREEN mode else, it still plays back in low res.

Tutorial is under the separate “Tutorials” tab.

Ramona Needs A Home

UPDATE: 2-20-09 – I’m happy to report that Ramona has a new home!

Poor Ramona!  She is an adult Birman cat who was adopted by a nice man from us about a year ago.  But the owner moved his residence down the street about 3 blocks and she simply would not move with him.  Instead, she kept showing up back at the old address.  So he returned her to us in hopes another kind person would adopt her who could keep her forever.

She has beautiful blue eyes,  a wonderful personality, is gentle, affectionate,  and prefers being the only animal in the household.

For those familiar with this breed, you know Ramona is a rare find!

I included an image of Ramona below this show but please watch the show for more pictures and information.