Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

The recent California wildfires make the air in the valley difficult to breath. The last few weeks have been really bad. Yesterday in the small town of flatland Williams, the smoke was simply awful even though there were no fires in that immediate area. The air made the sky overcast and thick to breath. You couldn’t really see where the smoke was coming from but the smell made it seem as if the fire was as near as a mile away.
Granzella’s is a large family owned business that burned down last fall in Williams, CA. It was established about 30 years ago. They are one of the largest employers in the county and the whole town was affected. They have since rebuilt the place even better than before and finally reopened for business Monday, July 21st.
These are a couple of many images I’ve captured surrounding this series of events. The one of the fire was snapped with my point and shoot since I didn’t have my DSLR with me that day. The second was taken with my 30D last week a few days before they opened. I may post more later.