Come Back Jack!



Remember that line from the movie Titanic? Well, this rescue cat has a special story that made the hair on the back of my neck crawl.

He was a shy, but not feral, adult cat with a crooked tail, dumped at our front door along with two other adult felines. After a few months in our care, he warmed up to our presence and started to come and sit on our lap asking for attention. We didn’t want to call him “Crooked Tail” anymore. So we decidedly named him “Jack” about a month ago. He actually came to attention when we called him by that name. So Jack it was then!

Fast forward to last week. A woman we’ve never seen before came into our hardware store to make a small purchase. She stated she’s moving to town in a week from the town 10 miles east of us. She noticed the kittens we had available for adoption. We mentioned that we also had a few adult cats for adoption too. She asked to see them.

She was intrigued by Jack and wondered how he came to us. She had lost a teenage cat about a year and a half ago. He would often climb into a spot under her VW and sleep. One day she took off in the car to go to work and while driving down the road, she heard a thump. Now, she knew she hadn’t hit anything because she didn’t see anything. But in her rear view mirror, low and behold, there was a cat running off to the edge of the road. She didn’t think much of it until she got home later that day and discovered her cat was nowhere to be found. Her heart sunk. She instantly realized that the cat she saw in her rear view mirror was her own. He must have been sleeping in that spot under the car and fallen out as she was driving to work. She and her husband went back to try and find their cat at that spot in the road. But they never found him.

Jack looked like the cat they had lost.

Their cat was named Jack! When she learned what we named him, we figured it was a miracle he came into our care.

Jack will be taken home later this week to reunite with his family.

EDIT: 08-15-2008

Looks like poor Jack still needs a home. The family hasn’t come to take him home. If you are in the least interested in this wonderful adult cat, please leave a comment and we can talk about adoption arrangements.